Resourcefulness is a required trait when servicing the oil field. A group of team members, all hunting enthusiasts, began experimenting with a proprietary product that has been our workhorse for years. Through some product tweaks a conclusion was drawn that we had an amazing ability to eliminate odors from trucks, dog beds, hunting gear, laundry, and laundry machines. During one crucial test, our product beat the noses of state certified search & rescue dogs, this is when we knew we had something special in Deception.

These findings were backed by sound science in how odors and scents are eliminated through oxidation.

Science, resourcefulness, and hard work are the foundation of Deception Outdoor Group. 


Hunters become more than unseen

Waiting in the stand wearing as much camoflauge as possible doesn’t guarantee success, as animals see hunters by smelling human odors. Use Deception Scents’ Scent Eliminator products to become more than unseen from animals while hunting.