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Game Calls For Hunting
At Deception Scents, we have a wide range of game calls. Experienced hunters know having a quality call can make all the difference between a good hunt and a bad hunt. In 2020, our, Legend Series, turkey calls hit the market with great success! We later added elk and predator calls to complete the mouth call line-up. Our calls are designed by professional call maker Parrish Elliott. All our calls are ready for the woods straight out of the box and require no break-in time.

We followed our quality mouth calls up with a total redesign of the traditional deer grunt and bleat call. The redesign was focused on making the calls more durable and to perform better when they are needed the most. If you’re tired of having your bleat call chatter and your grunt call stick, Deception’s game calls are for you.

Arkansas is the duck hunting capital of the world; it’s where we call home, so we take our duck hunting serious! When we designed our duck calls, we brought in some of the best callers and designers to help build our world class calls! The quality of our calls is second to none. Other call brands have huge overhead with sponsors and have farmed out manufacturing cost. These extra costs are past down to you, the consumer, resulting in calls with varying quality and high prices. At Deception, we believe in providing the highest quality products while staying affordable; this is the Deception difference and is what sets us apart.

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