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Body Wash

Body Wash

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Our Odor Eliminating Body Wash comes in a 16 ounce bottle and is to be used in your shower before going out to the stand.
    • RICH LATHER - Designed for use on your skin, our hunting scent eliminator produces a thick lather that makes you more than unseen while on the hunt

    • ATTACKS THE SOURCE - This is not your typical body wash. Our hunting scent control advances straight to the odor-causing agent, destroying the odor altogether rather than simply covering it up!

    • UP YOUR HUNTING GAME - Made for the hunter who takes scent elimination seriously. Our odor control body wash allows you to remain truly untraceable as you stalk your game!

  • EXTENDED SHELF LIFE - Lasting a full 365 days, you can rest assured that our scent eliminator for hunting will last for multiple hunting excursions!
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